Workface Planning

The systematic application of proven construction
practices that enable productive activity.

Our goal at Insight-WFP is to help the industry apply
Workface Planning, through education and coaching.

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The ideal 3D model for WorkFace Planning and the application of WFP software is a direct reflection of The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Each CWA is equal to the sum of a number of design areas (to be determined by Engineering). The attributes enabled on each model should be determined by the 3D model administrator from the Project Management Team based upon the needs of WorkFace Planning and the capacity of the WFP software.

As a deliverable: the model should be uploaded to a folder within Document Control each week for the entire duration of the project. The 3D Model Administrators will then draw the new model and update the WFP software prior to the commencement of work each week. In order for the model to remain the central source for project information it is very important for the engineering team to maintain the model’s integrity through redline and as-built drawings, for the entire life of the project.

A simple way to maximize the effectiveness of the model and the information displayed by the WFP software is to ensure that each meeting room has a live model projected onto the wall for every single meeting.