Workface Planning

The systematic application of proven construction
practices that enable productive activity.

Our goal at Insight-WFP is to help the industry apply
Workface Planning, through education and coaching.

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Insight-wfp is a full service WorkFace Planning provider based in Alberta, Canada. Our staff members include, Project Managers, Engineers, WorkFace Planning Managers and Computer Geeks from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Together we have a common vision of project excellence where industry professionals enable construction through the organized flow of information, tools and materials.

Our goal is to keep raising the bar on the standard for World Class project execution through the continued success of our clients.

The Team at Insight-wfp.

Insight–wfp employees are active members of:

  • The Construction Owners Association of Alberta WorkFace Planning Committee.
  • The Project Management Institute.
  • The WorkFace Planning Institute.