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Document Control:

The Engineering team are responsible to develop and maintain the Document Control function for the entire project. A single department that receives documents from Engineering and provides documents to the Construction Contractor through the 3D model Administrator and the WFP software. The ideal situation is to hyperlink objects in the 3D model to their root document in the Document Control database. This allows the WorkFace Planners to "right click" an object in the 3D model and view/print the latest revision of the drawing in the Document Control database from their own desktop.

To facilitate this the Document Control database must be online and must be constructed based upon the Work Breakdown Structure(WBS).

As the hard copy drawings are submitted to Document Control from Engineering there should also be an electronic copy (IDF/PCF) from the 3D model. This allows the 3D Model Administrator to load the WFP software and display all of the "Issued for Construction" (IFC) drawings in the 3D model.