Workface Planning

The systematic application of proven construction
practices that enable productive activity.

Our goal at Insight-WFP is to help the industry apply
Workface Planning, through education and coaching.

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Coach: Coaching a member of your staff to become the WorkFace Planning Champion creates an internal, sustainable model for change. We would imbed a member of our team in your organisation as a coach and mentor. This process normally takes up to 6 months full time with part time support after the initial training period. Insight can also identify and hire this individual to become a member of your staff, if you do not have a current candidate.

Develop Processes: This is the act of drawing alignment between your existing processes and the WorkFace Planning model. This process is a natural extension to our development of your own WorkFace Planning Lead through coaching. The process will take up to 6 months, dependent upon the complexity of scope and will require one more full time Insight employee.

Write Procedures: The act of writing procedures for the application of WorkFace Planning allows an organisation to expand their application into contract language and standard operating procedures. This is the ideal outcome from the development of the WorkFace Planning Lead and the mapping of processes. Procedures can be developed off site by the Insight team to match the processes and wishes of the WorkFace Planning Lead with input from the PMT.

Identify, Hire and Train WorkFace Planners: Insight have now identified hired and trained over 50 WorkFace Planners. We have a very good model for development and a success rate above 90%. The average cycle from identification to maturity for a Planner is approximately 3 months, this can be accomplished as a component of the WorkFace Planning Lead’s development or independently as required.

Design Information Management Systems: Insight have several models for information management that address Engineering, Procurement, Document Control, Project Controls, Material Management, Construction and Turnover. This extends to Standardized Reports and an Essential Meeting Matrix. For this information management process to be successful this logic must be applied during the conceptual stages of the project. An Insight employee would be imbedded into the project team prior to the engagement of the Engineering team and utilized to design information standards that would become contractual obligations for each of the stakeholders. This contribution has by far the biggest Return On Investment and establishes the base for a successful application of WorkFace Planning.

Apply WorkFace Planning Software: There are some very good applications of WorkFace Planning software on the market today and we expect even more in the future. The key to any WorkFace Planning software is to ensure that the input data streams supply consistently good data. The design of these information streams is critical to the successful population of the software. On previous projects we have imbedded an Insight employee as the Information expeditor, with very good results. This person works with your existing suppliers of information, Engineering, Procurement, Project Controls, Document Control and Material Management, to shape the supply and format of the information so that it can be used to populate the WorkFace Planning software on a weekly basis. This person would typically join the project during the conceptual stage and then hand over the functional system to the 3D Model Administrator prior to the start of Construction.

Total Management of WorkFace Planning: Acting as a specialist subcontractor, Insight can join the Project Management Team of a project and totally manage the entire application of Workface Planning. This will include the total staffing of the department, application of WorkFace Planning software, information management, generation of Field Installation Work Packages and the recording of progress. In this model the execution of work is expected to remain with the construction contractor.

Audit WorkFace Planning Applications: After Insight have helped you to develop your application WorkFace Planning we can also work with you to established a scorecard for the purpose of auditing your application. We can apply the generic scorecard supplied through the COAA web site or audit a process against your established procedures. This is especially useful when your organisation has contractually mandated the application of WorkFace Planning for sub-contractors. The audits are an excellent tool for maintaining your alignment with your initial goals. An audit and report presentation can be effectively conducted over one week by two Insight employees.

Troubleshoot applications: If you have an existing application of WorkFace Planning, the team at Insight can help you determine what is working and where there are opportunities for improvement. An Insight employee typically captures a snapshot of the existing application over a period of one week and then produces a report for the PMT. The project then has the choice to act upon the recommendations themselves or to engage Insight on an as needed basis.

Link organisations: One of the key functions that we offer at Insight is the map of supporting services. We understand at Insight that our strength is the coordination of the system parts and the development of management systems. We don’t make software, execute construction, manage materials or start facilities up, but we do know organisations that can and do. The Insight team has a broad understanding of these unique service providers and will expose our clients to these options as requested. Here on the website you can have a look at a sample of the organisations on our links page.

The Team at Insight are dedicated to improving construction productivity across the industry through the application of WorkFace Planning. If the service that you had in mind is not listed here, please contact us anyway. If your needs are outside our ability then we will help you find a suitable organisation.

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